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We Are Moving! | Cute Girls Hairstyles | Behind the Braids Ep.16

November 7, 2016 - Comment

WE ARE MOVING! Yes, sad to say, but we moved and you get to take part in some of it in this week's vlog! You'll also see a very fun dinner that Brooklyn and Bailey had while filming in LA, join in on the twins' drill team Halloween party, family trick or treating, and more!

WE ARE MOVING! Yes, sad to say, but we moved and you get to take part in some of it in this week's vlog! You'll also see a very fun dinner that Brooklyn and Bailey had while filming in LA, join in on the twins' drill team Halloween party, family trick or treating, and more!

Plus, we found out that Paisley was coming home from school with headaches. Curious, we had the school nurse give her an eye test, and she failed. So, you get to see us take her to the eye doctor to find out for sure if she'll need glasses!

Also, since we are moving, I'll show you a brief "moving" house tour of every bedroom, our studio, kitchen, office spaces, bathrooms, family rooms, etc! Complete with boxes, and empty rooms!

This past Wednesday, Brooklyn & Bailey gave you a FULL HOUSE TOUR on their channel! Have you seen it yet? If not, click HERE!!!

So why would we give you a house tour, when we've always decided against it for security reasons? BECAUSE WE MOVED! (The reasons for the move were personal, and security was part of it.)

By now you've seen all of our room tour videos, for Daxton & Paisley here, the twins' bedroom over on the BrooklynAndBailey channel, Kamri and Rylan's room tours on the KamriNoel channel, and now the full HOME TOUR between here and B&B's channel! See the Room Tours for every child in the CGH home!

Brooklyn & Bailey's Room Tour:
Kamri's Room Tour:
Rylan's Room Tour:
Daxton & Paisley's Room Tour:
CGH & B&B Studio Tour:

Be sure to comment below on which part of the house tour was your favorite! Also, please be sure to give this video a BIG "👍🏻" if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us if you wear glasses!

💋's -Mindy


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Natalie Venjohn says:

What state do they live in??

Breigh Williams says:

Natalie Venjohn texas

graice luv says:

glass’ are horrible! XD i can never see a 3d movie XD

UT! Frisk -_- says:

graice luv You can use contact lenses, if you arent old enough you can use
rubber bands and use bigger 3D glasses and put them over and use the rubber
bands to hold them i place 🙂

GoldenPig says:

I put my 3d glasses over my glasses and it worked try it

Rebecca K. says:

And we can’t wear sunglasses without tripping

Eleanor R. says:

What state do you live in?

Sima Shah says:


Negar Senemar says:

Sima Shapaaaal

Shelley Longacre says:

I wear glasses and I love them.

Alia Salem says:

Shelley Longacre I wear glasses to but I don’t love them

Maria Jaabo says:

Make a house tour of your new house!❤️

Queen Savannah says:

Maria Jaabo yeah do a new house tour

Sophie Draper says:

Maria Jaabo they don’t for privacy reasons

PurplePrincess Gamer says:

+Sophie Draper no because they have done one before. Duh watch there videos
before you speak

Lyrics and More ForEverything says:

+PurplePrincess Gamer They only did that one because they are moving away
from that house. They most likely won’t do another house tour unless they
move again from their new house.

Lauren Ingle says:

Maria Jaabo yes!

Nikz_93 says:

You guys should so start a vlog channel!! I love these behind the braids
episodes!!! Who all agree??

Kadi Art says:

Nikz_93 Um its hard for them because like they have a lot of channels of
this family I don’t think they will do this but….. maybe they would

Disney Crafter says:

Nikz_93 they already have 3 channels to manage though that’s a lot to handle

Robyn Emmett says:

I would never want t move house if I lived there

RazerShark says:

This video is weird

Vanessa Reynaga says:

Robyn Emmett I now it is beautiful

Robyn Emmett says:

RazerShark yeah I know right

lil Grace vlogs awesome says:

Robyn Emmett true dat

Olivia the Cat says:

Robyn Emmett same

Ilyana Jiwa says:

I’m getting glasses tomorrow….

Malak Ishaqat says:

Ilyana Jiwa I got them today😂😂😂😂

Ilyana Jiwa says:

+Malak Ishaqat lol, I was supposed to get them today, but the lenses have
to be fitted in…..

Malak Ishaqat says:

Ilyana Jiwa I was supposed to get them yesterday. ….but the same problem
as u so now I finally got them😇😅😂

Molly Davies says:

So the house tour they did was there old house? Xx

Nimra Noor says:


Fluffy Unicorns says:

Can you do a new house tour plzzzz

Nimra Noor says:

most probably they wont for security reasons …

Dodo Othman says:

Yeh I wear glasses and I love it 😊🤓👓👓

AllStar_Cheerleader 797 says:

Dodo Othman me 2

Kayla says:

Dodo Othman me 3

Kelsey Brooks says:

Part time i do wear glasses. My dads an optometrist. And his brother is
Dane who lives by you guys. Eleise’s dad!!

Kelsey Brooks says:


E Jam says:

I’m confused, was that house tour on Brooklyn and Bailey’s channel about
their new house or their old house??

Imene Imene says:

E Jam yeah me too !!

eevyyx says:

E Jam that was their old house

Olivia Pagden says:

E Jam it was the old house

Maya Kinsale says:

their old one

Kennedy Stephens says:

Their old one. They decided to do the old one since they’re moving.

sham b says:

glasses gangg

vanessa perez says:

sham b 🙋

Camille Juliette Acena-Carey says:

I wear glasses to !!! # sweet pea 💋

Just a girl says:

Mindy didn’t sound very happy :(❤️❤️

Sun Flower says:

Do you have a pool at your new house?

King Kylie says:

Sun Flower yessss it amazing

Victoria Gottwald says:

I do

niv123star says:

I have been wearing glasses since I was 3

Gymnast _08 says:

Holy crap their new house is huge!!!

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