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Redneck Rollers | Hair Tutorials | Halloween Hairstyles

October 31, 2016 - Comment

This has to be one of the most hilarious Halloween DIY hair tutorials that we've ever done! These #CGHRedneckRollers are so easy to do, and makes one of the best halloween costumes we've seen this year. We seriously laughed so hard filming this video, with Kamri taking on the roll of a hillbilly perfectly! With

This has to be one of the most hilarious Halloween DIY hair tutorials that we've ever done! These #CGHRedneckRollers are so easy to do, and makes one of the best halloween costumes we've seen this year.

We seriously laughed so hard filming this video, with Kamri taking on the roll of a hillbilly perfectly! With her hair rolled up, wearing her granny smock, watching her chug soda and try to spit was super funny!

This hillbilly hairstyle is the last of our #CGHSpooktorials for this year, Halloween 2016, and we're already looking forward to next year! We're working now on our new list of cute and funny DIY Halloween costume ideas! Any suggestions? Which are your favorite Halloween hair tutorials? Please leave your comments below!

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHRedneckRollers

Please be sure to give this video a BIG "👍🏻" if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us what you are going to be for Halloween!

💋's -Mindy

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 10-11 small soda cans (empty, of course!), 22 ponytail elastics, alligator hair clips (if necessary), and hairspray.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy


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Nya 1234 says:

Early squad were u at

Lenox-Mae Reid says:

Nya 1234 here!!

Refall says:

Nya 1234 it’s called on time squad..;)

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:


cool cat says:


Myesha Perez says:


Luzern Shohid says:


LnhFilms11 says:

Luzern Shohid FAMILY*

Miriam Perez says:

this comment is SO TRUE

Myesha Perez says:

I agree

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

I know right!

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:


Sonia Hertel says:

I love how positive your family is. Your family is kind of an inspiration
on how I want my family to interact when I am older! Hope you respond!
~ Sonia!!!!!!!!💗❤️😍

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

Same! I hope my family will become like theirs when I form my own one! Oh
my gosh! My sister’s name is Sonya. It’s spelled differently. ;D

Jocelyn Tam says:

Will you guys vlog for Behind the Braids on what your family do on

Brianna Portaluppi says:

Jocelyn Tam YAAASSSSS!

McKnight fam fan says:

Mabye they will, I don’t think need are obligated to do it, if they want
they can or they can spend family time off camrea

Myesha Perez says:


Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

Oh my gosh yes!

Newman Family Vlogs says:

I’m hoping they do! i love seeing what their family does, cause you know
it’s going to be cute!

Winifred clayton says:

Is anyone else offended by this

Tara Lacey says:

I you’re actually white trash, then I guess you’ll be offended… but most
people aren’t proud of being white trash so…

Winifred clayton says:

electricpenguin32 well I’m guessing you’re not from the south

electricpenguin32 says:

LOL, and you’re obviously not black. To this day they are still treated way
worse. So much hate and history behind the n word and you still choose to
be ignorant, thinking you have it worse, coming to this video and begging
to be offended. Ridiculous.

MakeupWithMonica says:

+electricpenguin32 THANK YOU GIRL

Andrea Barrios says:

Every video by this family like Kamri’s videos and Brooklyn and baily’s
videos are all AMAZING

Andrea Barrios says:

I subscribe to all the channels that this family has

Myesha Perez says:


Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

You bet!

Nutan. Adurkar says:

You make the best videos!, Oh and can you do a hairstyle on sweet pea?!

Myesha Perez says:

Yes! I love seeing her!

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

YES PLEASE! Sweet Pea is adorable!

TheGoodCyberman says:

She really is so cute! I don’t know if she could sit still that long, tho.

Danielle Monroe says:

Now this is funny! Very creative…. Never thought of being a redneck for
Halloween- Thanks Mindy! Lol

Laura says:

Raisa’s Pretty Hairstyles I checked out your channel and I liked it so I

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

Thank you!

I'm A Gøner says:

Danielle Monroe congratulations for not being the 80% of the comment
section that’s offended by the hairstyle

Newman Family Vlogs says:

We live in South Carolina and couldn’t dress up like this… Someone might
not realize you’re wearing a costume! LOL

bellaboopixi says:

Newman Family Vlogs lol! Best comment in this whole comment section lol

John Moore says:

Rude title and theme. Nothing about this video is funny or acceptable.

Jazz Ruiz says:

i’m sure their intensions were in the right place, but obviously others
don’t see it that way.

Katie Petkewich says:

They removed that part of the title. Nothing about this family is rude

DianaJoyce “DJ” Ojeda says:

John Moore *TRIGGERED*

Edel Cleary says:

what was the original title

Paulina B. says:

Edel Cleary i think it was something about white trash

Janet Lewis says:

I find the video racist. your making fun of poor people white and black.
its disgusting.

Janet Lewis says:

She said in the title

Janet Lewis says:

Oh and the intro to the video was very racist. When she had her kid
scratching her butt and spitting on the ground.

Maddi says:

How is that racist though? People of all races scratch their butts and spit.

Janet Lewis says:

She called the video white trash and then she had her daughter in the intro
doing a stereotypical scene of what people think of white people that live
in the south.

Maddi says:

They are white and they live in the south so that is self-deprecating
humor. At most, they are making fun of what other people think of them.
They are probably offended too by people who assume when their family acts
like because they are southern.
It’s like when black comedians make fun of black stereotypes.

Kailyn Merkel says:

Did anyone else want to see what the curls actually look like?

I'm A Gøner says:

Kailyn Merkel yes!

Fernanda Romero says:

Kailyn Merkel Your not the only one!

Edaa LaaLaa says:


Erin Gosnell says:

I did

laiba nasir says:


Maria Ram. says:

I’m not even white but i feel like this was kind of an offensive video.
Some people actually have to do this because they can’t afford rollers.
Also I think it was inappropriate to use the term white trash when
promoting the video. But that’s just my opinion

MC says:

Maria Ram. Same here. It’s just furthering stereotypes that degrade people

Katie Petkewich says:

They removed the title. It wasn’t meant to be offensive

Elizabeth Nies says:

Katie Petkewich what was the title before??? 😉 idk just curious 😉

Olivia Kollek says:

Maria Ram. I CAN afford rollers yet I still use pop cans. if anyone is
offended by this, you need to grow a set. I make more than enough money for
rollers by why spend money when this works? that is the way most “rednecks”
thinks. why spend the money when we know something else works the same way.
they are southern and they are white. therefore, this video was not made to
offend anyone.

Classic Kait says:

Do you think ya’ll will come to New Zealand anytime soon??

Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

I wish!

Skye Tatton says:


Crystal Shine says:

Cute Girls Hairstyles when r u guys coming to kuwait??

andi a. says:

Can’t wait to see what you and your family are going to be for Halloween! I
absolutely love all the characters you always pick, you really do have a
creative mind! 😉 Hope you have a ton of fun on Halloween! I love you! 💕

William Eversolejbxxcgnbr says:

You’re awesome

Liv Mendez says:

andi a. I love your profile picture 😍😍

Newman Family Vlogs says:

Me either! I love the stuff they come up with!

imaginethatgirls (imaginethatgirls) says:

Hey guys, I finally got the courage to start my YouTube channel and I
started posting videos! Please check it out and maybe subscribe. I promise
you won’t regret it 💖💘

Flower Crown Girl says:

imaginethatgirls sure

Gerelis Feliz says:

Lmao stop being so sensitive everyone!!!!!

turtles says:

Gerelis Feliz ikr people can’t take a joke

Newman Family Vlogs says:


Grace McJones says:

Gerelis Feliz Thank you!!!!

Catherine Heart says:

I don’t think it’s a matter of sensitivity, but rather people are tired of
moving backwards in this country, rather than forward.

TheTfroggy912 says:

Everyone is all ” this is offensive” and I’m over here like “but did the
hair get curly?”

Newman Family Vlogs says:


Emma Saucedo says:

TheTfroggy912 Yessssss, but I do wonder though, I think the curls would
look gorgeous

Emily Gumperz says:

TheTfroggy912 SAME

Kaitlin O'Malley says:

Y’all need to chill. This is just a silly video made for entertainment
purposes and for YouTube. You all need to learn to take a joke and not be
so sensitive. It was funny and creative and I’m sure they were not
purposefully trying to offend people. So go take a break and appreciate how
much time and effort they put into their videos. :)

Brielle Elton says:

Kaitlin O’Malley thank you!

Newman Family Vlogs says:

I completely agree!

Fernanda Romero says:

Kaitlin O’Malley Agreed.

bellaboopixi says:

People look for things to be offended about nowadays. It’s crazy

Pepe The Humble Frog says:

I’m not trying to be a prick, but I’m from the south and this was kind of
offensive. I get it’s just for entertainment purposes but I think it was
the wrong approach.

Jennifer Baker says:

Pepe The Humble Frog not trying to be rude, but I’m from the south and I
thought it was very creative. People are too sensitive

Ronicka Sosa says:

Pepe hi

Vita's diys & life says:

I am the only one who saw this video and thought that at the end of the
video i will see a beautiful curls 😬?!?

Μαριάννα Πεχλιβάνη says:

Vita’s diys & life omg samee
And it am so disappointed now..:(

Vita's diys & life says:

Μαριάννα Πεχλιβάνη me too:(

Faye Lavin says:

Is kamri’s tattoo real????

Faye Lavin says:

And Mindy’s

callie capra says:

Faye Lavin no it is a henna

Elizabeth Nies says:

oh yes. 13 year old Kamri definitely got a tattoo..

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