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Paisley’s First Day of School vs Brooklyn & Bailey’s | Behind the Braids Ep.11

August 29, 2016 - Comment

This week's #BehindTheBraids family vlog lets you experience the first day of school in our home! This year, Paisley started kindergarten which will the first time in nearly 17 years that Shaun and I have not had kids at home during the day! Super sad, yet kind of exciting all at the same time! Click

This week's #BehindTheBraids family vlog lets you experience the first day of school in our home! This year, Paisley started kindergarten which will the first time in nearly 17 years that Shaun and I have not had kids at home during the day! Super sad, yet kind of exciting all at the same time!

Click here to win 1 of BrooklynAndBailey's Back-to-School Backpacks + Supplies + iPad Mini! (Two winners will be chosen!)

We included a Behind the Braids "Flashback" to Brooklyn and Bailey's first day of kindergarten, so you can see the first and lasts of our kids "first day of school ever".

Kids grow up so fast, so please take the time to enjoy the little things because children don't stay little for long!

We also included some footage from Brooklyn and Bailey's pep rally, in preparation for their school's first football game. The twins dance in their school's drill team.
Please be sure to give this video a BIG "👍🏻" if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite part of the vlog was!

💋's -Mindy


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OfficiallyACL “Nicole. U” says:

My school starts Sept 6th!

Chahd's Arts & Crafts says:


Melanie Rose says:


Lina Mora says:


Baby gorillas AEM says:

I feel so lucky that our school doesn’t give us summer reading!!!

Shana Answer says:

Lucky!!!! Summer reading is the worst. And at my school ur not even allowed
to choose any book. They give us a small list of really boring books.
And!!! They usually have 400 pages at least!

Amy Prejoles says:

I don’t think mine does either 😂

Ivy Burns says:

why do brooklyn and bailey do a pep rally for their high school when their
in college?

BeautyXo 1 says:

+SevenAwesomeGirls no they’re in highschool. They’re going to be in college
in a year or so

Rianne Hall says:

They are juniors in highschool. All they did was a tour.

Skyler Mero says:

+SevenAwesomeGirls also some shools off what is called duel enrollment
which is where you take like 2 college classes your junior and senior year
at a community college

BasicallyLes says:

Me: *gets notification* oooo maybe I’ll be early

*was uploaded 33 minutes ago*

No I didn’t just historically scream and throw my phone across the room. No,
No. Not at all

crybaby! at the twenty øne holo says:

lmfao my life explained in a comment

Galaxookie says:

+crybaby! at the twenty øne holo Holo Crybaby!

BasicallyLes says:

+crybaby! at the twenty øne holo HOLO

Victoria Tan says:

I haven’t seen Rylan in a while. She is all grown up just like Kamri!

Maria Khan says:

No. Closed caption words on

Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

They are coming 😉

shineslikekenzie ig says:

The twins fashion has changed quite a bit😂 your whole family looked

Blue Daimond says:

+Hello Valentina YAAASSS

Kayleigh Bell says:

Yes the cheer leading was good and who here is not American

Pippa N mates says:

+Kayleigh Bell Me

Maya Kinsale says:


RVick 101 says:

Im dramatized how tall got Cam😂😍

Jona Nyborg says:

+crybaby Gassama Yes!

littleblondemop says:

She can’t be more than 5’3″ tall, but Brooklyn and Bailey are only 5′ tall
I think. They’ve mentioned before how short they are. Kamri is definitely
taller though.

littleblondemop says:

Yeah, that’ what I figure. She is probably only about 5’3″, it’s just that
Brooklyn and Bailey are short.

Nina Tos says:

Right? she is taller than the family maybe not dad…

Jessie Hogben says:

Keep this to an even amount of likes

Elisa Forever says:

I’m confused it was posted on Sunday, and their first day of school was
Monday? I live in Florida and they live in Texas only and hour time change
I’m so confused!!!!

Someone You Used To Know says:

+Elisa Forever this was pre recorded probably one or two weeks before so
they could edit

Youtube Account says:

You’re welcome

LouPlays says:

0 was even…

Dillpickledancer says:

Hey I have all my school supplies ready before school

Stephanie Bianca says:

So do most people lol

Trina M says:

not in high school I’m not in school anymore but when I went to high school
teachers gave out papers in class that had rules and school supplies on it
IDK how it is nowadays I graduated in 2004

Videos By G says:

+Trina M it’s still the same. I’m a sophomore in high school & I didn’t
really buy any supplies during the summer for school because I knew the
teachers were going to give us a paper of supplies that they want😂🤓

Trina M says:

+Videos By G
cool they have changed a lot since I was in school

Mai Ashraf says:

same i got it 5 weeks b4 skll

Jocelyne Miguel says:

Wait what grade is kamri in and if Rilen (sry if I spelled her name wrong)
is in 6th grade why doesn’t she wear uniform she so lucky that her doesn’t

Stephanie Bianca says:

Some schools don’t need uniform lol

MissKitKat says:

Kamri is in 8th grade

Videos By G says:

Kamir in 8th grade & Riley going to 6th grade.

Jocelyne Miguel says:

+Videos By G thanks she lucky she doesn’t need to wear uniform

Stephanie4ever_ says:

are Brooklyn and Bailey juniors this year? junior year can be tough but
next year when they’re seniors it will be a breeze. 😊 it goes by so fast

Arianna Rodriguez says:

+Videos By G I thought they were seniors

Stephanie4ever_ says:

+Aly Zavala same. that’s why I thought they were juniors lol. cause both
said their first day was ok, could be better

Stephanie4ever_ says:

+QUEEN years of high school. 1st year or 9th grade- freshman, 10th grade-
sophomore, 11th grade- junior, 12th grade- senior

Edward Mirindi says:

In my experience was junior year the hardest. Going to be a senior
september 1st!

SimplyBeth says:

Who are Michael and Brandon please reply someone

Anna Rose says:

i think they are their really good friends

Sonia Durkla says:

They are Brooklyn and baileys good friends

Eleeka says:

They’re close neighbors that are leaving off to college

SimplyBeth says:

Thanks guys!

Bella Kazia says:

is there anybody here who is 15 and is in no AP classes because I feel like
I am really stupid if I am not in AP classes

Videos By G says:

I am also 15 as well. I’m in my sophomore year of high school & haven’t
really took any Ap classes. I’m planing on taking them my junior year.
Don’t stress about it to much.

Owl Fox says:

what is Ap ??😛😛

Jazzy Kate says:

+Owl Fox it means advanced placement

sam says:

same girlie. you’re not stupid. next year you will have advanced classes.
all in time:)

TheGirlNextDoor says:

Kamri is taller than Brooklyn and Bailey wow she is so tall

Charlotte Hackney says:

actually she isn’t super tall, because in reality Brooklyn and Bailey are
only 5’1 or 5’2

Keira Rey says:

+Charlotte Hackney I am 10 and 5’2 im rlly tall

Yasmin Sokunle says:

+Keira Rey I’m 11 and 5’4 I’m pretty tall too

Elisa Hurt says:

when I was 12, I was 5’10

Cynthia Amos says:

I took my son & daughter to the 1st day of school. why did PAISLEY have to
ride the bus on the 1st day of school ?? just wondering. Maybe I’m just old
fashioned but, I also walked my daughter & son the front door of their
classroom in. Kindergarten . Humm, too young to catch the bus, in my
opinion. Sorry Mindy.

Swaggerlicious Queen says:

+Cynthia Amos Mindy probably let them on the bus because Brooklyn and
Bailey were there to look after them

Anna Kettlewell says:

+Swaggerlicious Queen they don’t go on the same bus, I’m just guessing that
maybe everyone at their school takes then bus and the teachers collect them
when they arrive.

littleblondemop says:

There are preschoolers in Early Intervention preschool who ride a small bus
to school. Plus she was riding with her siblings like little Daxton who
she’s close to. Every family has their own way of doing things. I hear ya

Abigail Kirsten says:

I got the bus when i was 2 for pre school, but i grew up in military so i
thought it was normal, till i moved back to my parents home town and people
didn’t get the bus x

thatonerainbow says:

What grade are Brooklyn and bailey

♡StrawberryMintQueen♡ says:


Lucy Edwards says:

We have a uniform but no summer reading we start school at 5 this is the
New Zealand life lol

Mary Richard says:

Me too except we start September 18th

Emily Doncaster says:

I’m from New Zealand too lol

Jungkookie is life says:

4:18 who are they? are there MORE kids???

Memo Mimi Nessrini says:

their neighbours , they are leaving for college , btw army’s and kpopers
are everywhere lol

Jungkookie is life says:

+Memo Mimi Nessrini oh okay thank you

Ariel Alena says:

AHHHHH Behind the Braids are the best!! They’re my ultimate favorite &
their family is so cute 😍💘

Ariel Alena says:

you guys should definitely make a separate vlogging channel

sadia naveed says:

idk rylan is looking very beautiful in this video (I know.she’s already
very beautiful and pretty) but still she is looking extra pretty she’s so
beautiful wasting for the day when rylan will have a channel :)

sadia naveed says:

*waiting sorry

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