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Paisley Pulls Out Her First Tooth With a Segway | Behind the Braids ep.17

November 21, 2016 - Comment

In this week's #BehindTheBraids vlog, Paisley (age 5) pulls out her first tooth by tying her tooth on one end of a piece of dental floss, and the other end on a Segway ridden by her sister Brooklyn! Does it work? You be the judge! Don't forget to enter Brooklyn & Bailey's NEW MacBook Air

In this week's #BehindTheBraids vlog, Paisley (age 5) pulls out her first tooth by tying her tooth on one end of a piece of dental floss, and the other end on a Segway ridden by her sister Brooklyn! Does it work? You be the judge!

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Paisley gets a kick out of watching all the tooth pulling videos for little boys and girls on YouTube, so she decided on this idea on her own! Even Daxton gets excited for is next dental tooth pulling adventure, thinking up creative ways to do it! (What are some other ways you have heard of for knocking out teeth or tooth extraction?)

Plus, you'll get to see what our family tooth fairy traditions are like in the CGH home, and get to know Paisley a little better since this vlog is dedicated almost solely to her! She's super funny!

This past week, Paisley also had an allergic reaction to ibuprofen, and we had to take her to the doctor. She also received her glasses in the mail and tries them on for us!

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Jordyn Le says:

aww poor paisley

Jordyn Le says:


SweetTreats says:

Love your vlogs! 😍🙌🏼

김나영 says:

Hello, just saying I see you everywhere!! I love your channel

Dancemoms Realfan says:

김나영 samee

Naamy1989 says:

We seem to have the same test in “family vlogs”- this channel, this
gathered nest, and Sam and Nia. What other families do you watch beside
Cullen and Kaitie?

BasicallyLes says:

I can’t wait for the next vlog!!😱❤️🎅🏻

BasicallyLes says:


Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

Me too!

Nadine Clarke says:

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Just a girl says:

Nadine Clarke hope this works😂

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I would totally subscribe if it wasn’t immortality + my crush. I don’t have
a crush and I don’t want to be immortal so basically useless and since I
commented, I get infinite luck, which I don’t need, I will give it back to
you because you need it so badly so you can get 30k.

Unicorns “UnicornsAreReal” Are Real says:

Nadine Clarke HELLO

Veronika Anders says:

Nadine Clarke heyyy

FunFun Stars says:

Nadine Clarke k

Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

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Megan Burdo says:

your family is so cute

Sarah Official says:

I did! I wonder who will win!

Alexandra M says:

Cute Girls Hairstyles i love you so so much

Faith Wilschere says:

Cute Girls Hairstyles please can you do a house tour

Maryam Alam says:

When does the giveaway end?

Sonia Dady says:

aww paisley looks so cute in her new glasses! :)

Dancemoms Realfan says:

Sonia Dady ikr

Meagan Hartigan says:

Omg paisley is sooooo cute who agrees😍

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

I do!

Just Manal says:

In 1997 i pulled my first tooth out with a door in 2016 people do it with
segways…… *THE CHANGE IS REAL*

Just Manal says:


Nandini Borkar says:

Just Manal My mom just pulled mines out but yeah the change is SO REAL!

Just Manal says:


Maryam 2005 says:

Just Manal im afraid to pull my teeth out so i just keep it moving until
its falls by itself😂😂

Cassidy I says:

My first tooth i yanked by myself it was with my bare hands cause i wanted
money AHAHA😂😂😂😂

shel.bzzz says:

I wish I could afford three pairs of glasses… lol

cutie pie says:

I have 4 pairs of glasses

Padmé Amidala says:

actually online shops such as zenni opticals you can get them reallly
cheap. I got mine about $16, including shipping.

Rosa Dag says:

In the Uk children get it for free😅😀

Paige Foster says:


Britney Robb says:

$5 FOR PULLING A TOOTH? I used to get a quarter. $5 is trying way to hard.

foxy fnaf says:

Britney Robb I used to get $20

artavia boyd says:

Britney Robb that sounds crazy i would differently give my kid $20 for
tooth 😒

RRO says:

emilygisclair same but my parents felt bad every time I told them lost a
tooth they just gave me a dollar 😂

Sydnee and Pets says:

Britney Robb I got $20 for every tooth

Duckduck Goose says:

Omg poor paisley….😭😭

TheKittyROBLOX says:

Duckduck Goose thats what I said when I saw the title!! Lol

Emily Nelson says:

Pleaseeee do a room tour for all the kids!!

Haleigh Dobson says:

Emily Nelson They did Rylans room tour on Brooklyn and Baileys channel. Or
you can look on the CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTES CHANNEL they have a house tour.
They did it before they moved.

Candice Muana says:

Haleigh Dobson Rylan’s room tour was on Kamri’s channel and the house tour
was on Brooklyn and Bailey’s channel.

Haleigh Dobson says:

Candice Muana I’m sorry I got confused.

Kristina Klobučar Sigurnjak says:

Haleigh Dobson I am sure that she was thinking on theise new rooms in new

andi a. says:

what a crazy week for Paisley! 🙆 she’s such a cute, adorable and brave
girl 💕 so happy to know that she’s ok now! please, tell her that I send
her a lots of hugs and kisses from Argentina! 😁

andi a. says:

ps. I love you, Mindy!

‫الوردة الحمراء‬‎ says:

andi a. what a crazy week for Paisley!🙆 she,s such a cute, and I a. 😊☺

Heeba H says:

+‫الوردة الحمراء‬‎ I love your name red rose

Dany R says:

andi a. I’m doing a project in History about Argentina! Any thing I should
add to my presentation? Also… what government do you have? The Internet
won’t tell me 😂

AntoniaLuvsYou says:

I always think how Mindy looks and reminds me of Carrie Underwood

Lulu J says:

AntoniaLuvsYou omg ya!

AntoniaLuvsYou says:

Lulu J Right ! I am so glad that I am not the only one 😇

Mussrat Bhatti says:

CGH please do another house tour for your new home😃

Maddi Henderson says:

AntoniaLuvsYou so true!

Nitya Vangala says:

pls respond paisley will grow up to be a strong woman

TheKittyROBLOX says:

Nitya Vangala Agreed

Anshi Gopinath (Dubakki) says:

Nitya Vangala I agree

Unique Nails says:

Omg yes I didn’t think of pulling my tooth like this when I was her age

Sara Abbas says:

+Unique Nails ظا8 ن. ظظخ

Caroline Grace says:

I can’t believe Paisley is already loosing teeth!

Bomi Love says:

she is so cute

Breeza1234 says:

Caroline Grace I was 5 when I lost my first tooth

Amelia Brooks says:

Caroline Grace yeah! My little brother lost his first tooth this year and
he is in 7!

SophieSwag says:

Caroline Grace i lost mine when I was 4

Ayra Rajwani says:

Amelia Brooks Wait, he’s 7 years old or he’s in 7th grade?

Reva Goldberg says:

Did they change their room around? If so, can you do a room tour?

Maggie Ray says:

Reva Goldberg they moved

Bubbles_ 130 says:

Reva Goldberg They moved!:))

Kamryn Nicole says:

Bubbles_ 130 do they still live in Texas?

xoxozoe says:

Kamryn Nicole yes

Annie Shi Gaming says:

I got the same glasses as she did

Annie Shi Gaming says:

the first one

Taylor says:

Annie Shi Gaming I got the second one she has 😛

koala bear Mojo says:

you should do a house Tour

Kpop W says:

koala bear Mojo they have one on Brooklyn and Bailey YouTube channel

Simply Kacey says:

koala bear Mojo

Andrea Ortiz says:

congrats i wonder how much money you will get 😁

Unicorns “UnicornsAreReal” Are Real says:

Andrea Ortiz This is a secret☺️

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