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Everyday Hairstyle Ideas: 5 Days Of Hair & Outfits Inspo

October 25, 2016 - Comment

Need some inspo ideas for hair & outfits? We got you covered from Monday to Friday! Which look was your favorite? SHOP LUXY HAIR : Open for more details & links 🙂 ———————————- With our busy lives and always running late, it's easy to get stuck in a routine where we throw on some clothes

Need some inspo ideas for hair & outfits? We got you covered from Monday to Friday! Which look was your favorite?
Open for more details & links 🙂


With our busy lives and always running late, it's easy to get stuck in a routine where we throw on some clothes and pull our hair up in a bun last minute. But the reality is, with just 5 or 10 more minutes of planning and effort – it's so easy to pick out a cute outfit and do a cute hairstyle. In this video, we're showing 5 days of outfits that will get you through Monday to Friday (yes, second and third day hair is accounted for, haha!)

We loved collaborating with our beautiful friend Karin on this fun video. Check out her channel here:

If you want to see how hair extensions can make your hair longer and thicker, check out this link:

Song: When it feels right – Kalle Engstrom

Here are some hair tutorials you will find helpful after watching this video:

How to do a basic french braid:
How to do a dutch braid:
How to do a fishtail braid:
How to do a chunky reverse fishtail braid:

Once you've done this hairstyle, snap a quick pic and post it on your Instagram with #luxyhair – I'd love to see it and will feature my favorites on our Luxy Hair Instagram

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Thank you for watching!

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Argi Roussou says:


Argi Roussou says:

o and nice video!

Paulansi says:


Toats Random says:


Emoji Life says:


Toats Random says:


Emoji Life says:

Toats Random *What?*

UrbanGirl says:

its so hard to make them

Joanna Dunda says:

UrbanGirl htey most likely have tutorials for almost all of them already on
this channel for an in depth turotial. i know they have videos for top
knots, fishtails, french and dutch braids!

Micul PUGGY PUGG says:

I am the first

radioactive ood says:

Micul PUGGY PUGG here a dog treat for u 🍫🍪🍥

Vaso Do says:

She’s sooo pretty!!!!

Akshatha R Rao says:

I loved the dutch braid. But unfortunetly Indian hair texture is lil
different and I dont think it suits me!

Chelsea Silvera says:

Akshatha R Rao same here

Lakshmi Aparna B says:

indian lady here.. i have done french braid , dutch braid many times . you
can use water to tame down your hair while braiding or straighten your hair
and do it. you can do it

AGirlCalledJingQi says:

Wow 20th! Epic vid

Abeera Gul says:

thumbs up if you want mimi to create halloween hairstyles!!!

timid elle says:

yes ❤

Just dreaming says:

Abeera Gul Yes, yes..

Antares nel cuore says:


Joanna Dunda says:

great viddeo! i love how you have outfits to go along with them, these are
some really pretty and fairly easy hairstyles! i will definetly use some of
them in my week. thanks! 😊😘

Tabitha Laker says:

Gorgeous Style!

Ans roxx says:

its unfair for someone to be so pretty omfg!! 😍😍

Rhythmic Roja says:

Why is everyone in Luxy channel is a blondie?? No dark/black haired girls??
I need tutorials for dark/black hair. Btw, nice tutorial 😚😘

Rhythmic Roja says:

I mean I just wanna see how its on dark hair. Cause for me, the hairstyle
nevers shows up.I wish they had ombres for black hair too😒

Antares nel cuore says:

same, dark hair is beautiful but for hairstyles is a drama 😅

Solana Korpaniuk says:

Because braids and other hairstyles are more visible on ombre or blonde
hair. You alway can create same hairstyle from the video on dark hair 🙂

Pilar Ruiz Medina says:

She looks so much like Spanish Ylenia…

Alex Boyce says:

when u are ugly potato and there isn’t any hairstyle that can make u pritty

Aleena Basharat says:

Nice and easy hairstyles thanks for sharing #karinandluxyhair❤️❤️❤️

Julie Kozlowski says:


Sophie Bainbridge says:

Could you do one for shoulder length hair?

BombasticLove87 says:

Her hair is already so long… harder to create with extensions when you
have medium length hair

healwithj says:

Cute hair styles. Makes me miss my long hair lolllll.

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