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Dutch Braided Bun | Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles

November 18, 2016 - Comment

Looking for a great holiday party hair idea? This cute updo is perfect for younger girls, teens, and even adults. You can be worn to a holiday party, or even as a prom hairstyle or a homecoming hairstyle. You are sure to be a hit at any of your events this year with this Dutch

Looking for a great holiday party hair idea? This cute updo is perfect for younger girls, teens, and even adults. You can be worn to a holiday party, or even as a prom hairstyle or a homecoming hairstyle. You are sure to be a hit at any of your events this year with this Dutch Braided Bun!

Begin by parting hair stightly off to one side of your head. Dutch braid this section keeping the dutch braid close to the ear.

With the other section of hair begin another dutch braid and keep it rounded close to the ear again, but this time it needs to swing at the end toward the middle of the head. Be sure to pancake both Dutch braids to add volume and fullness!

Begin taking sections of hair from the ponytail on the left and wind them up over your fingers. Hold them close to the scalp and bobby pin them into place.

Once all the hair is bobby pinned into place to create a great updo bun then take the first braid ends and twist the braid into the bun to add lots of fun patterns throughout the bun!

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHBraidedBunUpdo

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Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, small hair elastics, bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium


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Rebecca Koszkulics says:

That is beautiful!!

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!

Rebecca Koszkulics says:


squishpuff says:

This is soooo petty! 😍😍

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!

SweetTreats says:

I’ve been a fan of your page since you’ve had 1000 followers on Instagram
Katie! Your hairstyles always turn out looking incredible! I’m so surprised
that Charlie stood still during the entire tutorial, most kids her age love
to be active! Looking forward to seeing you on this channel in the future

Dira Sophie says:

SweetTreats What is Katie’s channel called?

SweetTreats says:

+Dira Sophie not sure, I just follow her instagram!

Laura says:

Dira Sophie it’s in the description

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you for being such a faithful follower! Yes, she has lots of practice
sitting still for her braids but she’s always been good about it! So
excited to be here! XOXO

Abellas Braids says:

My channel is Abella’s Braids Thanks for watching!

Marwa Antar says:

she is so adorable

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!

Maggie James says:

Charlie is so precious!

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Thank you!

Diana Zheng says:

Maggie James

Nicole Cepoudy says:

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Siya Murthy says:

Nicole Cepoudy II When Mindy posts they do something caled #powerhour.
Which means they reply to as many comments as they can in an hour. Which
means the legend is true

Brenda Motta says:

Nice video katie♡♡

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!! XOXO

Ahmed Ali Usuf says:

😍Amazing hairstyle for kids. I’ll definitely try it on my sister.
– love you guys❤😘

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!

Swift 13 says:

CGH, Brooklyn and Bailey, Kamri, Shawn, Ryaln, and Daxtaon and Paisley, not
to forget Brady, you are one of the most inspiring people in the world and
I have learned many things from you and have grown in character all because
of you guys. Thanks for everything

Swift 13 says:

*Daxton and Mindy

mylittlepony173 says:

Swift 13 You guys are such an inspiration plz tell Kamri thank you so much
for replying to my comment and that she really made my day ❤-u Kamri 😊😊😊

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Victoria Gonzalez says:

she is soooooooooooooooooooo cute 😍😍

BeautyCutie023 says:

Ahh congrats Katie! This is so cute, you did a great job. Charlie is

SpiveyFamilyLove Vlog says:

Love this one! I do my own version for my daughter all the time

sapphires mermaid says:

this hairstyle is so cool

its cami says:

I did this on my hair and all my friends at school asked me how did I do it
and thought it was great I just told them go look up albeno hairstyles

its cami says:

****abellas Braids

Braids by Jordan says:

This is gorgeous, Katie! 😍 Charlie is so cute! I’m looking forward to
seeing more of your videos! 😊

magiccastle 19 says:

omg this girl is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Braidsandstyles12 says:

This is stunning katie and Charlie is so cute! Can’t wait to see more of
your videos. x

Abellas Braids says:

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to share more!

skyletta0626 says:

Yay! I’ve been following their insta for ages now and loved all their
hairstyles. Charlie and Abella are adorable.

lol m says:

charlie is so sweer and pretty i love you so match

Abellas Braids says:

Thank you!!

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