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Christmas Traditions with the CGH Family | Behind the Braids Ep.19

December 5, 2016 - Comment

We partnered with Walmart on this #BehindTheBraids vlog to show you some of our fun CGH family Christmas traditions. Come along with us as we decorate our Christmas tree, wrap some presents for a family in need, and decorate cookies together as a family! #WinningHolidays Some of our favorite December traditions include a home-made advent

We partnered with Walmart on this #BehindTheBraids vlog to show you some of our fun CGH family Christmas traditions. Come along with us as we decorate our Christmas tree, wrap some presents for a family in need, and decorate cookies together as a family! #WinningHolidays

Some of our favorite December traditions include a home-made advent calendar full of holiday activities for each day of the month, ribbons on the tree, and Santa and elf hats! We also feel it is important to give back, so something we do every year is finding a family and giving them Christmas presents that they desperately need. Anonymous gifting is a highly-rewarding way to spread cheer as a family or individual, and we guarantee that you'll feel so much joy in making a family's holidays that much brighter!

Each member of our family picked out a unique gift for the mom and dad, and for each of the boys and girls. You can find most of the items we gifted at, links below!

* Hotel Style Linens:
* Star Wars Smart R2D2:
* Girls Swiss Tech Jacket:
* Pioneer Woman Cookware Set:
* Pioneer Woman Cake Stand:
* Black+Decker WiFi Cooker:
* Hatchimals:
* Russell Men's Pullover Hoodie:
* Danskin Women's Jacket:

Finally, our Christmas cookie decorating was especially fantastic this year! How many of you would like to decorate cookies with us??? We decorated cookies in the shape of ornaments, trees, snowmen, reindeer… you name it! Then we delivered the cookies to a few neighbors in our neighborhood, to show them how much we appreciate them.

Hope you enjoyed a few of our Christmas traditions! Please be sure to give this video a BIG "👍🏻"if you loved it, and leave a comment below telling us some of your favorite Xmas traditions!

💋's -Mindy


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FTC Disclaimer: This video is brought to you by Walmart, and the items wrapped and gifted were provided by Walmart.

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Lizzy Hall says:

Would love to see a house tour 😉😉

Miss AV says:

Lizzy Hall they are not going to for security reasons, they did their old
one because they moved.

Meowtastic Mae says:

Lizzy Hall There is already one on Brooklyn and Bailey’s channel.

Kristina Klobučar Sigurnjak says:

Miss AV The don’t need to show us the eksterier just the in side od the

Kristina Klobučar Sigurnjak says:

Meowtastic Mae That their old house.

Expidoris 2213 says:

Can you do a new house tour? like if you agree

Awesome_K L says:

Love that idea, they should defiantly do a house tour.

Renee Heredia says:

Expidoris 2213 they don’t do a house tour while they live in the house for

Ellen melon4eva says:

Expidoris 2213 Brooklyn and Baily did one not so long ago

EllieEnchant says:

That was their old house. They just moved into a new house 🙂

snowkitkatx71 says:

no cause they have to move again due to security like they did last time


I’ve been watching this series since Ep. 1, and I love it! #PowerHour

karla perez says:


Kassidy Gonzales says:

Ikr it’s so good

Cambry S. says:

PENELOCUPCAKE 217 Cute Girls Hairstyles liked your comment!!!!!!!

alina Hussain says:

+Kassidy Gonzales not really

princessk Bruce says:

alina Hussain They did see the heart!!!!!

SweetTreats says:

Those cookies look delicious! This is the first Christmas vlog ever from
the McKnight family and I’m so excited! 😌🍪❤️

Miss AV says:

SweetTreats OMG I love your videos and I literally see you everywhere 😂

Caroline Boles says:

SweetTreats 68k 😀

Anoushka's DIY Hairstyles says:

They did another one a few years back😊 ( it’s just as awesome see this

Makailyn Jackson says:

How come I see you on every video?

jessica duff says:

the mysterious Santa thing is really cool, can you give more details on
that please so i can do it.

Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

We just find a family in our community in need, shop for them, wrap the
gifts, and then secretly deliver the presents!

jessica duff says:

Thanks, I might look into that

Jazmyn Tellez says:

i love your house i would love to live there!!!also i keep sending comments
because i want you to replie

Jazmyn Tellez says:

i think its because i live in Oxnard, California

Jazmyn Tellez says:

and they live in Texas

Hayley Jones says:

I love your profile pic!!

Jazmyn Tellez says:

Hayley Jones thanks

Porter & Molly says:

Guys. I guess I’m the number 1 fan😂 because a couple weeks ago I fell off
a merry go round and had to get 7 stichs above my eye. ( you can check that
out on my musically @molly_noelle23) I watched you guys while getting
stichs on my eye they let me watch I guys because I was so tense. I was
really freaked out because I had gotten stichs before and they didn’t numb
me at all. My family jokes because now I’ve broken an iPad iPod and I brow
lol love you guys
– ❤️Molly and Porter❤️

Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

Yikes! Hope you are feeling ok post stitches! Be safe

Samantha Brooklyn says:

Porter and Molly I had to get 20 stitches on my forehead last year:/

Elissa Ahn says:

AWWW I feel so bad for you now you know what Rylan feels like.

Georgina Miller says:

Porter & Molly a

Paige Nicole 10101010 says:


Beanie Boo Lover U.S.A. says:

No they’re not $300… They’re like $60

thabet mosaad says:

I luv ur hair Bailey’s

Raisa's Pretty Hairstyles says:

Me too.

elizabeth the unicorn says:

what did they name their puppy?

Sarah Elizabeth says:

elizabeth the unicorn ash!❤️

Christi Harrison says:

Kamri’s cookies looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Morgan 516 says:


Tragan 4penguins says:

I have 2 things to say, where’s GH10? and do you do a tradition that
involves penguins?

Laurenti Sportyle says:

Tragan 4penguins I was just literally thinking the exact same thing

adorablelaura37 says:

Tragan 4penguins they probably filming this video before they have the new
puppy 🙂

Shane Allen says:

Me and kamri are almost the exact person lol 😂

Shane Allen says:

Also me and daxtons cookies would look the same

Caiden Onyambu says:

What did you guys name the new puppy

Tabitha D says:

Caiden Onyambu ash

Pineapple Princess says:

what’s puppies name 😭

Tabitha D says:

Pineapple Princess ash

Shahd Al-Ali says:

I am muslim so I dont celebrate christmas, but I have a question…… HOW
THE HECK do you have money to buy all of these gifts?? like you have to buy
some for your siblings cousins friends uncles etc…

‫تشوف و جرّب‬‎ says:

Shahd Al-Ali and WHY THE HECK do you spend money on Eid giving Eideya , I’m
Muslim too but we should respect other people’s religion 😊

Shahd Al-Ali says:

تشوف و جرّب no I respect other people’s religeon and my question was how do
they have the enough money

Shahd Al-Ali says:

giving eidiya is WAAAAY cheeper than christmad

‫تشوف و جرّب‬‎ says:

Shahd Al-Ali no it’s not we have 2 Eids every year while they have
Christmas once a year

Shahd Al-Ali says:

تشوف و جرّب ya but still, in eid you only pass 10 to 100 dhs to children
only and not adults and only family, while in christmas you pay like idk
how much to almost everybody you know

Erin TheCamelLover says:

You just earned a new subscriber 😂😁😁😁

Priya Mann says:

yiu guys r such a kind family i love your videos

Thirty seconds of Amanda J F says:

Are you going to hang up stockings for your dogs?

Zainab Haider says:

You guys are family goals!!

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