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100 Layers of Hair Extensions | Luxy Hair

September 6, 2016 - Comment

Get Longer, Fuller Hair : OPEN ME 🙂 ———————————- Music: Once you've done this hairstyle, snap a quick pic and post it on your Instagram with #luxyhair – I'd love to see it and will feature my favorites on our Luxy Hair Instagram Have you watched our other popular #hairstyle tutorials yet? Check them out:

Get Longer, Fuller Hair :



Once you've done this hairstyle, snap a quick pic and post it on your Instagram with #luxyhair – I'd love to see it and will feature my favorites on our Luxy Hair Instagram

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Mel Man says:

Is she pregnant

piadancer112 says:


Jennifer Phuaa says:


Zoe Heart says:

Yes 9 months

Prinny Barrere says:

I think she is pregnant

Ann Bee says:

you’re a bit late. she’s 9 months

domiszka says:

Kayley Melissa did video with 100 layers of hair extensions also. ;)

charmedpowerbabe says:

So did heyparis.

Isabelle says:

+charmedpowerbabe I think you mean Latoya

RomanAtwoodVlogs Lol says:

Yaa I have seen her video in d very next hour of release

maria mimi says:

she was the first one who did it

charmedpowerbabe says:

Her name on youtube is heyparis, and as far as i know her name is actually
Paris. =/

Jacky Flores says:

mimi r u pregnant

Aleksandra Cisak says:

she is 🙂

memeltem says:

Kayley Melissa already done this.

LuminousLightZ says:

And your point is? What she cant do it because someone else did?

memeltem says:

no im just informing her calm down geez

Grace Eliza says:

More like Ariana grande challenge

Amina says:


Anshika Prasad says:


anshika shukla says:

+Anshika Prasad same name!! yay! 💕

Shreya Ghosh says:

You are a superwoman. pregnant and kilos of hair ! too much weight to
handle at the same time!

-Apu - says:

Yeah you are right ^-^

Anuja Walia says:

hey …this is crazy !!!😂😂
plz don’t experiment in this delicate stage …. uh really scared me…
take care..😘😘

Rhythmic Roja says:

yeah I was worried about this the most!! 😶😨

Anuja Walia says:

Take care n congrats… Wish uh a very happy life ahead 😘😘😘💕

Rameesha Ahmad says:

I luv Lucy😁

Rameesha Ahmad says:


Anshika Prasad says:

The whole time I was like Mimii pls sit down… pls

Anshika Prasad says:

And I think she is being funny day by day

RGV Love (Crazy Indian Mother) says:

My hair is pretty voluminous and it doesn’t even look have that size, haha
love it braided!!

RGV Love (Crazy Indian Mother) says:


maria mimi says:

at least credit Kayley Melissa For the idea

Ez Mellor says:

Maybe she made this before kayley uploaded her video

megan m says:

when you have thick hair so this is just natural hair

Alexandra Beuter says:

Lol I am LOVING this video. Those braids are ahhhmazing! Xo

Helen Reina says:

I saw this already 😯 somewhere I think

ravenofhope says:

Kayley Melissa did it

Hayley Ng says:

You copied Kayley Melissa?? You should of gave her credit…

Miranda M says:

*should have

Zahrah Rahman says:


Maria helena Ghadban says:


Curvy Itgirl says:

Jajajajajaj so funny

Yasmine elbeshoty says:

I just feel that Ariana grand just did this challenge before her new video

Tiff xoxo says:

you guys saying she owes credit to Kayley, sorry but she DOESN’T. The whole
100 layers trend was started by “Simply Nailogical” There have been
innumerable layer this and that videos on YouTube floating around
eversince. Calm down and enjoy the video. 😊

Danique Van Den Berg says:

yaaaas holo💿💿💿💿

- Mint - says:

Yeah but Kayley started the 100 layers of 100 hair extensions xD

Tiff xoxo says:

+- Mint – Not her original idea because she got the 100 layer whatever
trend from nailogical”

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